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University of Coimbra, Alta and Sofia

“With more than 725 years of history, the University of Coimbra is an essential institution in the history of Portugal and the entire Portuguese-speaking world, having been considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013”

The brief

The University of Coimbra contacted DN to develop a collection of merchandising products, in order to reach wider audiences.

In addition, DN would have the challenge of enhancing the interest generated in this organization, which is now recognized as part of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but also in the territory in which it is located.


Once again, DN saw this project as a challenge in creating a strong and consistent visual identity, not only for an institution recognized by UNESCO but also for a key region of the Portuguese territory, transforming them into a social and representative brand. of what are the origins of the region.

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“The University of Coimbra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the oldest universities in the world still in operation, being the oldest and one of the largest in the country”

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