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University of Coimbra, Alta and Sofia

“With more than 725 years of history, the University of Coimbra is an essential institution in the history of Portugal and the entire Portuguese-speaking world, having been considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013”—

Francisco Marta - CEO

The brief

It was in 2012 that the University of Coimbra proposed its candidacy for UNESCO Heritage status, later being recognized for its material and immaterial heritage value in the history of European and world scientific culture. Given that it was an ambitious project, involving a process of searching for a graphic place in regional, national and global contexts, Duplo sent its proposal.


Given the immaculate history of the institution and, also, given all the architectural maintenance commitments required by UNESCO, this project should comply with the graphic standards manuals, not only in physical but also digital or three-dimensional media of the institution.

There would have to be a concern and respect for the place as well as an incessant search for solutions that would adapt harmoniously with the pre-existing ones.

This was, above all, a clear opportunity for DN to contribute to national history and to demonstrate all its qualities and expertise in an international project with high institutional responsibility.

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“The project created was responsible for solving the communication of the space, as well as presenting a future perspective of what the Institution's options could be.”

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