Agosto, 2019

Food & Drinks


"A new communicative and architectural image of a restaurant that promises to make your mouth water"

David Cruz

The brief

With the promise of having the best suckling pig sandwich in the world, Reco is a restaurant company that, in addition to its well-known dishes around suckling pig from Anadia, also offers plenty of alternatives in a space created in 2015.

In 2019, DN took on the huge responsibility of remodeling the brand. Not only was a rebranding project carried out, but also a design of what would be the restaurant's new architectural space.


In this specific work, there were some guidelines regarding the need for changes to the food court of the mall where our customer was present. With this change, the moment was taken to recreate the brand, both in terms of its designation, but also in terms of the atmosphere and communication of the restaurant itself.

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“In projects based on structural requirements, it is important to meet expectations, but also to innovate and recreate”

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