July, 2020

Food & Drinks


“Our vision was to make PAPA the fanciest and most sophisticated restaurant in Coimbra, but always with an inclusive spirit, ready to receive everyone, from noon to midnight.”

David Cruz - Graphic Designer

The brief

PAPA is one of the most iconic restaurants in the city of Coimbra. A restaurant located in a central place of the city, strategically positioned, and with a menu full of tasty specialties. Through a partnership of a few months, we outlined a revolutionary Branding strategy for the brand and space, enabling the restaurant to deliver a unique and relaxing gastronomic experience, creating emotional connections with its consumers.


This was a job that gave us immense pleasure to do. We completely changed the image that the restaurant had and took advantage of its strategic location in the city to create a welcoming brand, but with a touch of modernization. We created the brand identity, the logo and the typography, as we aligned the space architecture with the brand identity.

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"The identity responds to a food concept with Mediterranean traits, with an industrial pop atmosphere."

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