June, 2023



OphthalSuite is an integration platform for Ophthalmology that connects all devices to a centralized database.

The brief

By using Blueworks innovative technology, OphthalSuite connects to the existing medical records management system of hospitals and it is compatible with several devices and exam types, making it easier for professionals to access the users’ full eye history.

With this in mind, the focal point of our design was conveying the program’s ability of unifying information - just as convex lenses combine beams of light into a single point, OphthalSuite unifies all data onto a single platform.


With their ability to magnify, focus, and clarify, lenses symbolize OphthalSuite's commitment to precision, accuracy and attention to detail. Lenses also evoke the idea of gaining a new perspective, suggesting a dedication to innovation and advancement in ophthalmology technology. This element adds depth, interest, and sophistication to the product's visual identity, helping to establish it as one of the leading software solutions in the industry.

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By stacking the lenses/discs dynamically onto a database like structure, we are able to convey OphthalSuite’s technological and modern essence, which plays a crucial role in handling vast amounts of data in today's data-driven world.

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