Olive & Cooking Oil

December, 2022

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Olive & Cooking Oil

Visually striking and culturally relevant packaging for Angola.

The brief

Alimo is a top-performing brand in the consumer goods industry in Angola, known for its comprehensive range of products and exceptional quality.

Over the past 5 years, we have dedicated ourselves to establishing the brand and product identity of Alimo. Therefore, our latest challenge was to develop a limited edition of olive-oil and cooking oil products that would maintain the high standards set by Alimo existing products, while also carving out its unique and special identity.


The core concept for the design is bounding the product with the Angolan culture and people. Unique and innovative.
The main focus is the illustration that cleverly merges two seemingly unrelated elements - hair and a tree - to create a visual metaphor for the connection between nature and beauty. The choice of using an olive tree crown in the design reflects the origin of the product.

We wanted to create a memorable packaging that resonates with the product's cultural significance, since it’s a limited edition packaging.

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The core concept of connecting the beautiful and powerful afro-hair with the olive tree crown through illustration is not only visually striking but also culturally relevant.

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