June, 2022



“Who said that vegetable alternatives were boring?”

The brief

Early in 2020 we received the invitation to create a new vegetable milk brand.

Their main consumers were to be informed people and interested in healthy food options. Someone that may have food restrictions, health, environmental or moral based.

Well, if the main consumer of Naturali has all of these restrictions, our packing design will have none! With this concept in mind, we wanted to create something that would stand out in the most bold way possible in the shelfs.


The brand name came to us as a funky twist of words, combining the main brand name ALIMO and NATURALLY, Naturali is born.

The Naturali brand logo has a natural, non artificial feel to it, with a human touch.

It’s roughness and casual composition, as if someone naturally layed it’s letters on the ground, emphasizes the human and organic feel of the brand.

Vibrant, bold and happy, Naturali shows that vegetable alternatives to dairy milk are flavourful and eco-friendly. Dare we say even better than the real deal?

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Our focus was to bring the brand’s core value of plant-forward living to the center of their identity and packaging, through vibrant color, illustration and strong compositions.

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