Momoo Cheese

July, 2020

Food & Drinks

Momoo Cheese

“MOMO brings a delicious new cream cheese, with a new identity. Moli represents the love for the community and symbolizes trust and truth.”

Joana Brazete - Senior Graphic Designer

The brief

MOMO is a brand of the MAFRICOM Group, an Angolan multinational company whose main objective is to supply the best dairy products at an affordable price to the Angolan community. The Group is committed to supporting local communities, positively influencing the lives of the population, and defending sustainable development and the balance of Nature.

In 2020, MOMO developed a new product: cream cheeses. In partnership with Duplo Network, the launch of this new product was prepared to be a differentiator in the market and, consequently, to be successful.


With the existence only of the physical product, it was necessary to complement it with a name that echoed and remained in the memory, accompanied by an attractive and enlightening visual of the type of product. This was DN's mission: to create a brand from scratch, a brand that consumers could relate to, and that, in addition to good quality, made them remember that it was a brand of the MAFCOM group, a group that for many years has been intrinsically linked with the community.

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“The visual language, the packaging and even Moli, The Blue Cow, convey a fun and appealing image that manages to differentiate itself from the competition in supermarket lines.”

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