Let’s Call

November, 2022


Let’s Call

10 years when everything changed.

The new brand was conceptually designed to convey technological transition.

The brief

A transformation that accompanies the revolution operated in the sector over the last decade.

We kept the friendly character that was at the base of the original graphic development, but above all we wanted to convey to our audiences that we are up to date with new communication technologies.

The hardware is more powerful, more dynamic and with displays of increasingly diverse and incredible resolutions, and communication has liberalized as well as the way people connect with each other.

The new brand Let’s Call intends to be part of this revolution!

A dynamic flow of simplicity that adapts to all formats and needs. Total digital flexibility across platforms that can work anywhere.

A digital, minimal and direct language designed to convey simplicity in the dialogue, application and use of our services, software and hardware.


Visually simple, the developed form was produced based on semiotic concepts where we seek to reflect multiple meanings. A line that wraps around itself and crosses the horizon - the language space, the canvas or the screen.

A communication between two points that organically complements each other, representing the common thread of information.

An exercise in proximity that subliminally intends to embody Lets Call's LC handwritten monogram.

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Based on the original visual heritage, we worked on the colors blue and green — the two original colors of the identity.

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