JPSW Pharma

February, 2023

Manufacturing & Industrials

JPSW Pharma

We embarked on a transformative journey with JPSW, a manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical products in Africa.

The brief

Our mission was clear: to craft a brand that seamlessly blends technology, innovation, and precision with a profound human touch.

In the first phase of the project, we meticulously sculpted the identity of JPSW. The iconic pharmaceutical cross in the logo ingeniously emerges from the letters of the brand itself, symbolizing the intersection of technology and human care.


Recognizing the critical role of user experience in the pharmaceutical realm, we revolutionized JPSW's packaging system. We understood that clarity in medication information is paramount, and thus, our design revolves around four key factors: Active Ingredient, Dosage, Age Group, and Therapeutical Form.

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Recognizing the diversity of pharmaceutical forms, we introduced clear and concise pictograms to represent therapeutic forms.

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