Guincho Dunas Terrace

March, 2022

Food & Drinks

Guincho Dunas Terrace

"The philosophy behind the cafeteria is to offer the customer a healthy and conscious lifestyle, offering him a healthy menu and a pleasant, relaxing and sustainable place where he can find a certain harmony between body, mind and nature."

Filipa Muchacho

The brief

Guincho Dunas Terrace is created to nurture, educate and find balance within each of us and in the community. In this way, it not only offers healthy food but also a cultural space with workshops for adults and children, from pottery and carpentry to yoga classes, tours and hikes, events, etc.

Although this is a project in which we are still in the competition, we had to share it with the world!


The maintenance of the integrity of these delicate areas requires recurrent efforts to raise people's awareness on the part of the “Equipa Ambiente Cascais”. In order to complement the action of this team, and on the other hand, give life to the cafeteria space, we thought of a series of didactic and explanatory pieces that facilitate the observation and interpretation of all the existing biodiversity by all those who attend our space.

Pieces are produced in sustainable and durable materials, low maintenance and based on ecological raw materials, thus forming a perfect harmony with the landscape.

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“The Cresmina Dune represents high importance given its protective role against sea level rises combined with the great biological biodiversity that it is important to preserve.”

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