Gourmet Kebab

April, 2020

Food & Drinks

Gourmet Kebab

“We promise to design the spiciest packaging on the Spanish market.”

Autor, cargo

The brief

In this project, we were contacted by a company present in the market for over 10 years, experienced in the production and distribution of kebab: Gourmet Kebab.

In addition to their specialty, they also produce some complementary products, such as sauces, potatoes, bread and durum, thus making their offer more varied and with higher quality.

With a vision of the future, and with the beginning of a new phase of expansion, in 2019 we were challenged to develop the package design of a new range of products, such as an Outer box.


Being an international partner, the project was even more challenging. In addition to creating a package design with sufficiently attractive colors, with due regard to the type of product, extreme care was also taken concerning the language used.

Furthermore, being a new range that contained products with different origins, it was crucial to maintain a graphic identity that would allow for the proper diversification of each product so that the consumer understood that there were different products, but that they all belonged to the same brand.

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“When designing a Packaging, there are two important needs: to meet customer expectations and to think about how we can disrupt and differ in the linear of exposure.”

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