May, 2021

Food & Drinks


“A place of happines, new experiences and new trends.”

Gelataria e Pasticceria

The brief

Early in 2021 we received the invitation to create a new brand and space for our client.
A new Gelato parlour that would become the physical representation of a happy place.

With this concept in mind, we created a project which we are very proud of and GELIMO was born. Gelimo is now, with just a couple of weeks old, the hipest place in Angola, embracing a place of happines, new experiences and new trends.


There’s a clear inspiration from classic gelato stores with a modern and clean twist.
The entire branding and interior design project is based on solid colors, forms and materials.

We’ve created the slogan “Happiness has many flavours.” which inspired the Gelimo iconic smile and general graphic mood of the brand. The slogan is a clear statement of what Gelimo stands for, helping to create brand consistency, and reflecting the company's dedication to its customers' satisfaction.

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“Gelimo is a modern ice cream shop that emphasizes the importance of consistency in branding. We have created a brand that reflects a fun, friendly place where customers can enjoy delicious ice cream in any flavour they want.”

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