June, 2023

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The redesign of the Estela Golf Club emblem went through a process of researching the fundamental symbolism used in its representation.

The brief

After the initial analysis, it became clear that the most appropriate way to intervene would be to improve the graphic aspects that compose it - such as the depicted Windmill - rather than seeking completely new elements. This decision was reinforced by the fact that all members and friends of the club have a strong emotional connection to the existing emblem.

The iconic windmill symbolizes the group of several mills that dot the vast dune strip extending along the northern coast of Portugal between Póvoa de Varzim and Esposende, where the magnificent Estela Golf Club is located.


To the emblematic windmill of the 6th hole on the course, with its blades formed by a pair of crossed golf clubs, we added the outer shape of a coat of arms whose main function will be to protect the brand and its entire meaning. Furthermore, it aims to make it even more aspirational by correctly embodying all the emotional values associated with it.

This redesign establishes a communication axis with a premium and powerful aesthetic that dignifies the club's history.

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It represents a future vision that incorporates the unique sensations of the place as well as the Estela Golf Club.

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