Fevereiro, 2021



"Light is an element present in our lives since the beginning of time; light is related to the evolution and discovery of the human being"

Tiago Dinis - Designer & Illustrator

The brief

Eglo is a global lighting brand focused on development, innovation and the future of technology. It is a brand that works with light, an essential element for human well-being and for the daily life of our time.

The partnership between Duplo Network and EGLO has existed since mid-2011 when we started the first projects around LEDs and an approximation to the customer through experiences with the material in the linear of retail stores. Now, in 2021, DN proposed the creation of an Action Plan that, in addition to following a guiding structure with the projects previously developed, would enhance the brand's commercial projection and cover the most different areas of activity, thus increasing the presence of the brand and, subsequently, its sales.

In addition to an art installation to be developed, other key points in this Plan were related to the establishment of a relational link with the consumer that would allow the growth and development of digital communities; development of prominent points of sale; intervention in the brand's store; website and social media analysis and reporting; ending with a study and proposal for the development of the current television project of the brand.


This project is fundamentally based on the Democratization of Light, a philosophy developed by the brand that seeks technological development, as well as its permanent innovation with affordable products.

Thus, an Action Plan representing the “Future Now” was built, with proximity to the daily lives of consumers, never inhibiting the futuristic eternity of lighting.
In this way, we build a magical experience of light, with the full power of personalization by the consumer, which also creates interest and surprise about the brand and its products.

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“We aimed to explore and produce with light something that goes beyond its primordial and pragmatic use of supporting the human being. We developed a space that attracts the consumer and makes him a proud user of EGLO products.”

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