July, 2023

Entertainment, Sports


Effekt is an innovative brand that combines technology and biology to empower athletes and individuals seeking a healthy lifestyle and self-discovery.

The brief

Our branding embodies concepts of sports, physical activity, recovery, future, and innovation, fostering self-knowledge and unleashing each person’s full potential.

While Effekt’s products and services are unfamiliar to the general public, we have designed a friendly visual approach. Simultaneously, we have created a secondary signature using geometric shapes and an aesthetic that resonates with active lifestyles, appealing to a community already familiar with Effekt’s practices.


The dynamic graphic forms of the capitalized word “EFFEKT” form the basis for the brand’s communication axis. This signature, constructed with a modular grid, evokes layers of ice in glaciers, symbolizing growth and adaptability. Inspired by Nordic urns and secret codes, the biomimetic design of the secondary signature introduces a visually captivating universe of patterns, offering endless possibilities for exploration and diverse applications.

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Evokes layers of ice in glaciers, symbolizing growth and adaptability.

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