Biagio Chocolate

July, 2022

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Biagio Chocolate

Food packaging is more than just looks. It tells a compelling story, capturing the product’s essence and craftsmanship. It’s a canvas for brands to connect emotionally with consumers.

The brief

Food is a gateway to understanding a place, its culture, and its people. It's like embarking on a sensory adventure, where you can taste and experience the distinct characteristics and influences of each ingredient. It's a delicious journey that allows you to savor the essence of a location through its cuisine.

With that in mind, we were approached by Biagio to create the packaging of their new range of chocolate products. The products were 100% cocoa and 100% produced in Angola.


The central focus of the packaging design lies in showcasing the time-honored process of crafting chocolate, beginning with the diligent harvest of cocoa nuts from the lush Angolan forests, all the way to the creation of a premium chocolate tablet.

Drawing inspiration from the spirit of adventure and the rich cultural heritage of Africa, the packaging embodies a story that reflects the journey of cocoa from its origins to the finished product. Furthermore, the packaging design evokes a sense of adventure, taking the consumer on a visual voyage that immerses them in the spirit of exploration and discovery. The use of vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and symbolic motifs reminiscent of African art and culture add depth and authenticity to the packaging, inviting the consumer to embark on a sensory journey.

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Drawing inspiration from the spirit of adventure and the rich cultural heritage of Africa

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