Alimo’s Frozen Range

May, 2021

Food & Drinks

Alimo’s Frozen Range

"We were inspired by the joy and love of good, easy-to-cook food; Barbecues with friends on sunny days and delicious dinners with family as food brings people together as a community."

Joana Brazete - Senior Graphic Designer

The brief

In May 2021 we designed another project for Alimo, belonging to the MAFRICOM group. A project that we are very proud of as it is much more than a branding/packaging design job for a brand, it's a project aimed for the community.

For the major launch of a product or a range of products, it is necessary to plan in detail the impact we want to have on the community, how we present ourselves and how we distinguish ourselves.


Faced with the competition with great authority in the sector, with some established and recognized brands by the consumer, how can we launch a new range of frozen products that will change consumer behavior?

This was the question we asked ourselves for some time. And the answer lay in the need for a visual that would make the packages stand out on the shelves and draw attention, as well as a visual identity system for the entire range, capable of facilitating the identification of the various products.

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“Alimo’s frozen range is made for the hot dog lovers and the pasta enthusiasts, the ones who like traditional food and the ones who prefer modern cuisine.”

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