Alimo Spaghetti

July, 2021

Alimo Spaghetti

“We applied our expertise in packaging and 3D modelling to the task, resulting in a successful introduction of the product to the market”

Alexandre Flórido, Digital Artist

The brief

It's no secret that the food industry is a tough one. There are so many new products coming out every day, and it's hard to get consumers to notice yours.

That's why Alimo was thrilled when our team at Duplo Network came up with a solution for their new spaghetti brand. The product itself was great, but they needed something to help it stand out from the crowd.
To introduce this new product to the market, Duplo network came up with a premium packaging design that would give it a truly Italian flair.


The biggest challenge here was figuring out how to communicate the Italian inspiration without being too derivative or kitschy. Duplo network decided to approach this from a few different angles: by using tri-dimensional modulation for a more textured and realistic appearance, and by using colors that are rich and vibrant as opposed to muted and subtle.

In order to ensure that the product was seen by as many customers as possible, Duplo network also created multiple designs and supports for packaging.

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“From creating a brand strategy by defining the positioning and naming, to developing the packaging design and support materials.”

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