Alimo Soy & Peri-peri

June, 2022

Food & Drinks

Alimo Soy & Peri-peri

“Exploring packaging design through cultural references, bold simplicity and vibrant colors.”

– Inês Gonçalves

The brief

Alimo is a well-rounded consumer goods brand considered one of the front-runners of the industry in Angola.

During the last 5 years we have been building this brand and products identity, so the challenge here was to design a soy and peri-peri packaging that lived up to the other Alimo products that we’ve created, still finfing an identity of it’s own.


The main focus was creating a competitive packaging that would stand out in the shelf and attract customers eyes.
Each illustration takes inspiration from cultural references of their own origin country.

The soy sauce is inspired by the blue dragon, in Chinese culture, representing nature, health, healing, peace and growth. The peri-peri sauce takes inspiration from the roster, in Portugal's history viewed as a symbol of tradition and the new dawn.

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Designing clear visual references such as cultural icons, typography and colours, meant we could playfully express each bottle distinct personality.

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