Alimo Nachos

November, 2019

Food & Drinks

Alimo Nachos

“A work based on ancestral Mexican identity, but with a fresh and bold approach.”

Autor, cargo

The brief

Alimo belongs to the MAFRICOM group, a business organization founded in 1991 and now present in 4 countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, Angola and Ghana, where it has 5 factories and 16 operations centers.

A group that cares about issues related to local communities and economies, in favor of sustainable development and balance with Nature. Its businesses are diversified, providing high-quality products, but also available at affordable prices to the general public, from Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals and Apparel.

In 2019, Alimo approached DN to develop the Packaging of a new product: Nacho Chips – a new range of flavors from the Snacks & Chips line.


In an increasingly demanding and competitive market, we knew that we would have to make a difference and create a renewed look that would impact the consumer when choosing the product.

Despite the initial request, we decided to go the extra mile: in addition to a Packaging proposal, we created an entire brand, range and structure that was eventually accepted and later implemented by our client.

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“The entire decorative system and even the lettering was done manually, giving a differentiating and innovative image”

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