Studying at FEUC is winning the Future

We were recently challenged by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra to develop the graphic design of a panel that would live up to its new statement - studying at FEUC is winning the future - to apply to the facade of its teaching block.

These challenges are, in addition to being stimulating, quite delicate since they must be in harmony with the various sensitivities of all those who inhabit the space daily, as well as, on the other hand, they intend to decisively stimulate the aspirations of all those who will seek at FEUC to continue their academic training in one of the scientific areas offered by the institution.

After a few rounds and rounds of attempts around various designs and options, we proposed to FEUC's management an approach that would completely break with the conventional and that at the same time, although static, would also be able to transmit the energy and dynamics of transformation that the institution seeks.

The creative solution was to give primacy to a careful choice of materials for the production of the support that, together, were capable of reacting to different behaviors of light, time, space and the weather conditions themselves.

It was intended to provide a visual challenge that was different every day and that was also capable of being the main vehicle for transmitting the intended values ​​of the institution and stimulating the most creative minds.

Nobody will be indifferent.